Day 5: 5 things that make me the happiest right now

Happiness is not something ready-made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama.

1. My family’s happiness: To be honest, I’m most happy when I see that people around me – especially close friends and family – are healthy, happy, and fulfilled. Seeing the people I love making efforts to do better and be better and actually succeeding makes me very thankful and grateful. It gives me even more joy to know that they’re secretly and openly rooting for my success as well. I guess I’m truly happy that I have a great support system from which I draw strength. 

2. Being productive: I get the best feeling when I’m able to tick off all the tasks on my to-do list. There’s nothing better than setting goals and accomplishing them. I think it’s great 

3. Learning new things: I’ve always loved baking and trying out new recipes. After trying in vain to enrol for classes, I eventually decided to teach myself by making YouTube my teacher. Some days, I’m successfully and my treats are bomb AF 😎. Other days, they’re a total disaster. I still hope to take an actual baking class though. 

4. Shopping: It could be for clothes, shoes, books, incense, underwear, or even food. I don’t even know anyone who doesn’t appreciate new things. I especially love it when it’s sales season 💃💃💃. What’s more fun than buying three items for the price of one?

5. Reading: Give me good books and a comfortable bed and I guarantee you won’t see me (Well, except when I get hungry). Books are a source of comfort and entertainment for me. I’m currently reading Efuru by Flora Nwapa. The author’s style is quite different from books I’ve read in recent times but the story is beautiful and very Nigerian. 

Books keep me happy. Period.  

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