Day 1: 20 random facts about me


It’s been very hard for me to write anything lately and I’m beginning to feel ashamed to even say I have a blog. In order to sorta kinda get my writing mojo back, I decided to dedicate the month of February to partaking in a blog challenge. 


A huge part of me does not believe anyone wants to know 20 random facts about me 😢. Still I went ahead to compile this list because: YOLO. I pray I have the strength to see this through. 

Ladies and gentlemen, 20 random facts about me.

1. My middle name is Aretha. Used to be my first name but I switched it up when I converted to Islam. 

2. I learnt to drive at 23. 

3. I can’t ride a bicycle to save my life. Balancing is really really hard. 

4. I’m half Ebira and half Igbo. 

5. I’m the middle child.

6. I loved to eat chalk as a kid. 

7. I don’t know how to whistle.

8. I’m scared of the dark.

9. I like DC villains. I like Marvel Heroes.

10. I’ve always been the tallest girl in class.

11. I hold both liberal and conservative views. Someone once called me confused for this. 

12. I’m an ugly crier.

13. I can sleep through noisy situations. I consider it a gift lol.

14. I don’t have a lot of sneakers because I feel like my feet are too large to look feminine in them. (I’m a size 9/ 91/2)

15. I want to die on a Friday, preferably morning.

16. I don’t know how to skip.

17. I desperately wanted to study law at some point (Thank God it didn’t work out).

18. I wanted to be a singer/actress/model when I was a kid.

19. I wuuuuuuv babies (who doesn’t tbh?)

20. I love love love harmattan.
Xs and Os.

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